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Sell Us Your Vehicle in Allentown, PA

Sell Us Your Vehicle in Allentown, PA

Serving Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, PA

Selling your car by yourself means advertising, meeting with prospective buyers, haggling over the selling price, and perhaps waiting forever to get the deal you want. On the other hand, selling your car at our dealership is a hassle-free way to line your wallet with cash. You can use this cash to purchase a late-model car, truck, or SUV from our huge inventory, and you can apply the trade-in amount to your down payment or to the purchase price of the vehicle you choose. Selling your current vehicle is easy when you deal with us because we'll give your car or truck a complete inspection and give you top dollar value regardless of year, make, or model.

We Buy Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Our used car inventory is loaded with late-model vehicle in every class and segment. We buy from the public because there's such a huge potential inventory out there. Every day, thousands of individuals in this region are looking for a quick way to unload their current vehicle. The rapid evolution of safety systems, high-tech features, and trim levels means that many vehicle owners are looking for something a bit different than what they currently own.

We buy coupes, compact and mid-size sedans, full-size family sedans, light- and heavy-duty pickups, crossovers and SUVs, and our inventory is full of vehicles purchased from consumers just like yourself. We are mainly interested in late-model vehicles in good condition and with low mileage. If you've kept your car or truck in good condition and simply want something else for your garage or driveway, our dealership is the place to go for the best deal on a straight sell or trade-in offer.

Why Sell to Us?

You might think you can get a better deal on your used vehicle by selling it to a third-party individual. It's true that someone out there is looking for the exact year, make, and model you currently own. But hooking up with that potential buyer can be a real headache. Most car buyers are unwilling to travel very far to look at a vehicle because this interrupts their daily schedule. They will likely ask you to drop the price a bit, something you definitely don't want to do.

When you deal with us, you can rest assured that we will give your car a complete inspection and base our offer on every positive aspect. We won't ignore things like installed optional equipment, tire condition, service records, and safety systems. If your car is in good condition, we know we won't have to spend money fixing things before we put it on our used car lot. We will therefore reward you with a purchase offer or trade-in value you can appreciate.

Quick and Easy

You're under no obligation to purchase a car from our dealership when you bring in your current vehicle. We'll make you an offer right on the spot, and if you choose to purchase your next vehicle from us, we'll guide you through the entire process including the decision about how to apply the money we offer you for your trade-in. We'll slash the price of the car you choose to purchase by the amount we offer you for your current vehicle, or if you prefer, we'll apply it to the down payment.

Sell your current vehicle today and drive off in the late-model sedan, truck, or crossover you've always wanted. Get the best prices in town at our dealership, and save even more when you take advantage of our generous trade-in offers. Call us today or browse our online inventory page to find out about our current inventory specials.

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